Dragonborn Paladin – MtG Forgotten Realms

Gnome Druid & Dwarven Cleric – MtG Forgotten Realms

Official D&D adventure “The Hidden Page” – FREE download!



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There’s a story behind the Hill Giant Herdgorger

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This short Dungeons & Dragons adventure is written to suit four to six characters of 9th level. With this text and the core D&D rulebooks, you have everything you need to play.

A large, grassy hill stands in the High Moors, cracked by some ancient stress. It was thought to be a barrow, once, but it was never meant to be a tomb. It is a vault turned into a prison as punishment for the poor souls who vowed to defend it . . . and failed.

Inside this hill, beneath it, and beyond it, secrets await—secrets that could destroy an artifact of great power, for good or ill. Despite the danger and despite the woe that befell previous trespassers inside the hill, someone must venture inside to learn those secrets. The artifact could already be in the wrong hands.



Official D&D adventure “A Verdant Tomb” – Free download!


Decades ago, a powerful wizard from a distant plane of existence came to the Sword Coast as an explorer. Here she adventured as an explorer, toiled in study, and eventually departed with her young son, back to their home plane of Ravnica. She was called Sylvene, and she left behind memories of beloved allies she met and befriended in the lands of the Sword Coast. Many of those memories were celebrated and commemorated with the construction of a grand crypt in a verdant land—where she hid valuable treasures. Now, those treasures attract not only adventures but the attention of her grandson, Tyreus, whose greed for power knows no bounds.

This short Dungeons & Dragons adventure is written to suit four to six characters of 9th level.


Tiamat, Queen of the Dragons!

Mordenkainen the Wizard – Planeswalker

This portrait of Mordenkainen envelopes so much of what I love about my career as an artist – from portraiture, to narrative storytelling, rendering of reflective surfaces, dramatic lighting effects, and most importantly conveying a sense of wonder and mystery. We may never know what the wizard was working upon as we interrupted his contemplative thoughts in his study, but we can be certain we will feel the wrath of his ire!
Ever since discovering Dungeons and Dragons in my youth, I have enjoyed the complexities, challenges, and excitement of role-playing the character class of wizards. This portrait represents the deep passion I have for gaming and the art creation infused within my youth around roleplaying. It was this wellspring I returned to again and again as this work evolved.
Reaching back deep into those wizardry gaming roots are a set of bookends I created during my hard-core D&D days, with one side a diorama composed with the elements from Grenadier’s ‘Wizard’s Room’ lead figurine miniature set. I loved to paint these miniatures, owning handfuls of the diverse sets produced, and enjoyed endless hours of enjoyment in use in our campaigns.
Due to the lack of access to proper art supplies as a young artist, all small details on these figurines were rendered and applied with sharpened toothpicks. I am happy to state those logistical hurdles are no longer a hinderance in my art creation now! I have long ago learned that proper tools are part of the pathway to creating masterful, professional works of art.