Stop Werebears fans!

2 thoughts on “Stop Werebears fans!

  1. Meepo says:

    Problem: Players becoming Werebears.
    Consideration: Why after they fighting NG Werebears if being NG is able to prevent the players from becoming all evil?
    Solution: Either don’t have them flight Werebears, or they also lose control at full moons/can’t shift on demand yet.

  2. sdaldhunter says:

    From Page 207 of the Monster Manual: “Player Characters as Lycanthropes” green box, Para. 2, 3rd Sentence; “The DM is free to decide that a change in alignment places the character under DM control until the curse of lycanthropy is removed.”

    ‘twould be awful inconvenient that the “new” Werebears suddenly think and act more like….hmmm…bears!!!
    They would start thinking of convenient food sources (where is the closest river or lake for fish) and preparing for the next change of seasons…oh and of course they are gonna make sure they can find a suitable shelter (their den/cave home) and start to claim their territory.
    Oh and lets not forget territorial nature of bears….males will need to determine who is the “alpha” and the challenger will have to leave the area or be dealt with very aggressively especially if there is a mate-able female present…might be reason enough for the DM to take over the character until the party can get rid of the curse so they can adventure on!!!

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