Sorcerer vs Wizard spell list

4 thoughts on “Sorcerer vs Wizard spell list

  1. Lexar131 says:

    if X = 252/252 = 1 and y = 160 / 252 = 0.63. Now multiply *100 you have for x =100 that y = 63. So y is 63% since the analog is on /100 of X

  2. I’m okay with the spell list.
    With one Caveat:

    Remove WISH from Wizards and ALL other classes.
    Throughout the mythologies of which that specific spell is based, throughout each legend and lore around each creature that has such powerful magic, the ability is innate, inherent to them, and Intrinsic to their very being.

    Give ONLY Sorcerers Wish (9th), Limited Wish (6th), and Minor Wish (3rd). Replicates any arcane spell one level lower, any divine spell two levels lower. Problem solved.

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