So Polymorph + Disintegrate is pretty much certain kill

8 thoughts on “So Polymorph + Disintegrate is pretty much certain kill

  1. Dominate a druid or even simply suggestion him, order him to wildshape in a squirrel. Apply Life Drain/Disintegrate, etc. = a druid dead with only failing a save against a 2nd level spell

  2. Volthar says:

    Polymorph is the only spell he has to make the target fail the saving through. Disintegrate even with half damage will kill a squirrel and soon as it hits 0 its dead.Good thing you can cast Polymorph multiple times…..wait…..also can’t a certain wizard replace dice rolls to help get you to fail a saving throw……wait this does not seem right.

    • John Preis says:

      Volthar — as commented before, Disintegrate is all-or-nothing. (The more salient point is that a polymorphed target has to use the saves of the beast it was turned into… which, as often as not, will be a worse save than what s/he has in their normal form. *That’s* the important context to consider…)

    • John Preis says:

      Nicholas — before the squirrel was cut in half, you’d have already done more damage to it which dropped it to 0HP which then results in roll-over to the PC’s HP (and, mid-cut, is instantly back in his/her form). Long/short, “regular” damage that doesn’t kill outright is abstracted into the original being’s form. (So, in other words, you could only have chopped them in half *if* you had at least done squirrel hp + PC hp damage… and even then, it would involve you still cutting/sawing through their death saves (which could take just one more round if they failed their 0hp first death save and you then melee (auto-crit) for 2 failed saves, equaling death.)

  3. Disintegrate is all or nothing. The squirrel is fine if he saves. All the stats of tiny creatures have a minimun dex of 10. What you want is Polymorph into a crab followed by Plane Shift, a charisma save. Crabs have -4 to cha saves. Cast Demiplane. Paint “Welcome to your Tomb!” on the wall. Plane Shift the crab there and drop concentration.

    I do have a couple characters evil enough to do this.

    • Sorxores says:

      you can polymorph the target into a rot grub (if you DM allows to infer the rot grub stat compare to a swarm of rot grub) the Dex save is -2.
      If you DM refuse to allow rot Grub, then take a Camel (-1)

      Once you reach high level enough for plane shift (spell level 7) into a demiplane (spell level 8) then obviously tak ethe crab route lol

  4. Cliff Holt says:

    So here is a question that came up in a game, shapechange/wild shape/polymorph into a octopus and end up suffocating, would the hitting 0 hp and making death saves make you end up at 0 in your real form when you revert, or at 0 hp?

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