So an a God be a Patron, or no?

2 thoughts on “So an a God be a Patron, or no?

  1. Ian Braun says:

    My question is this: If a deity can be a Patron, which patron template do you use? It matters because different Patron templates grant different class abilities?

    • N. says:

      I would hazard a guess and say it depends on who the deity is, and what you want your character to be. For example, I made a warlock of Dionysus, focusing more on the madness aspect of his godhood rather than the wine aspect (a very old version of pre-Greek Dionysus) so I chose the Great Old One patron, as it fit the best. As of yet, there is no official Madness Domain, and none of the 3rd party ones I found were a good fit for what I wanted, hence why he was a warlock, and not a cleric.

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