3 thoughts on “What’s the word on sleeping in armor?

  1. Lee says:

    Sadly it is one of the rules that was poorly thought out. Why create a don and doff time for armor if there is no reason to ever take off the armor to rest? This is akin to the same point of failure in the 5th ed to take into account the strength requirement for heavy armor. AL DM’s do not enforce the -10 Ft movement penalty for low strength vis a vi heavy armor. (page 144 PHB) Even the feat of Heavily Armored or Heavy Armor Master (page 167 PHB) do not address this strength issue. I find previous editions addressed this in Wilderness Survival Guide. We can hope for a revised PHB someday.

  2. Reko says:

    I’m quite happy to see penalties removed for sleeping in armor.

    It’s one of those times where reality is unrealistic, there are historical accounts of soldiers sleeping in their armor and days long wearing. Siege of Malta, Conquistadors, even LARPer and SCAdians can attest to being able to sleep in it for days and still function.

    Good riddance.

  3. Why call for revised rules for this? This is 5th edition. If you want a rule or don’t like a rule then House Rule. It’s that easy. Let’s learn from the mistakes of previous editions.

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