Skeleton and critical hits

One thought on “Skeleton and critical hits

  1. I don’t imagine hit points solely as a creature’s life force. In my games there is no red bar hanging over a monster’s head that diminishes as it takes damage and makes the monster collapse when it reaches zero. Hit points are a representation of life force, battle endurance, and a bit of morale, collectively. When my players’ characters take damage it doesn’t mean they have actually been stabbed by a sword. They could have parried every blow; nevertheless, they were somehow being bested in battle in that moment. Sometimes I leave it up to the player to describe how.
    In my games, a critical hit or a hit that drops a PC or monster to zero is almost always a bad physical wound. In the case of the skeleton, a critical hit would send rib cage fragments flying and a killing blow would be a shattered skull or crushing all of its limbs.

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