Sage Advice Rules Answers: November 2015



This month our lovely Master Jeremy touch on these rules answer :

  • Racial traits about lightfoot halfling and Wood elves
  • Class Feature: Extra attack and Warlock Expanded Spell List
  • Backgrounds: Can you have more than one background?
  • Equipment: Can I attack with a shiled and keep +2 AC?
  • Multiclassing: Rogue/Monk Sneak attak unamed strike.
  • Feats: Savage Attacker
  • Combat: does suprise happen outside Initiative? Cunning Action and Step of the Wind. Can a melee Spell knock an opponent?
  •  Spellcasting: Planar Binding and Hail of Thorns

All these answers are here:

But don’t forget to download this new precious Sage Advice Compendium:

Have Fun

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