Sage Advice is on Tumblr!


Sage Advice opens today on Tumblr!

Here is the link:

It’s a little different from this website: there are classic Dungeons and Dragons Questions&Answers but I’ve added some nice revised pictures that comes from ancient fantasy novels plus another new function Ask where you can ask me questions with this Tumblr link:

I’ll try to answer you but remember: I’m not a Dungeons&Dragons designer, I’m just a librarian that collects and study designers answers of the best game ever made.

I hope you like it.

Your humble
Zoltar the Sage

2 thoughts on “Sage Advice is on Tumblr!

  1. Alex Maxwell says:

    I’ve asked questions before, and while some have been asked and answered from other posters is there a way to search replies by asker?

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