Ranger revised – FAQ & Insights

revised ranger update

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8 thoughts on “Ranger revised – FAQ & Insights

  1. Jay says:

    So question then on the new Ranger build. Under favored enemies, Humanoids is just a single choice. Do you still have to follow the original say and choose 2 specific humanoids?

  2. Adriano says:

    Can “colossus slayer” extra d8 damagge be added against each different ranger’s attack target?

    Paladins receive this d8 extra attack every hit, seens kinda strange the ranger have to choose only one target to this extra damage.

    Beyond that, Whirlwind Attack seens too underpowered compared to volley. The 2 weapon fighting ranger can attack up to 3 diferent creatures in a turn. It seens a situation when the ranger will be surrounded for 4+ creatures, so he cantake use of this feature, is verey less frequent than a situation where volley can be used.

  3. Alex says:

    My two cents: The areas that seem concerning regard advatages and initiative bonuses, in any environment. This seems like an Aragorn build. I’m concerned that in multiclasing, everybody is going to dip 2 levels into ranger, especailly the freakin rogue/paladin/fighters. lol good luck, much better than PHB. Although the spelless ranger was cool too.

  4. Panagiotis says:

    Hello everyone guys. I’ve been testing the ranger beastmaster of phb and the revised beastmaster and something in between would be the best choise and design. Lvl 1 favored enemy should clarify the humanoid species , for example 3 kinds as Zero the crow proposed to Mike Mearls (civilized, monstrous and demihumans) at least these or more.It feels nice to have a little boost on combat +2 but not on such a broad set of enemys. On 1st lvl also natural explorer was good idea to have some combat abilities but should scale with ranger lvl as other abilities do ,not all three in lvl 1. Lvl 1 you ignore difficult terrain , lvl 4 u have advantage on initiative rollsand lvl 7 on your first turn during combat u have advantage on attack rolls (you and maybe your animal companion for beastmaster) against creature that have not yet acted. These bonuses should work in natural enviroments mostly cause being a ranger specialises in that and not in a city for example. As for the choise of the enviroments in the phb is is not such a good idea cause if u choose arctic , yous campaign may not even go near in suck enviroment unless the dm is smart and want to help this player also. A more general physical enviroment is a better idea for me. On lvl 3 which you can take the beastmaster archetype, in the revised ranger version it isn’t even clarified what takes to command the beast to take it’s movement and it’s actions. In the phb version it was needed your action to command the beast. The revised ranger is nice and cool but outmaches the hunter archetype for fun. We need to balance it and nerf it a bit. For example what i thought could work is for you to need your bonus action to command the beast to take it’s actions and you could move it for a free action as in the phb. But again you interupt a player that want to play a dual weilder his second attack, or use his bonus action with the shield master feat to bash. Or a second example is to remove your proficiancy from the beast’s ac, attacks and damage but it retains it’s HD advancement /lvl. At lvl 5 it gets better.

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