Prices for brass, steel, mithril, adamantine…

2 thoughts on “Prices for brass, steel, mithril, adamantine…

  1. Esteban Fernandez says:

    and, what about in Tomb of Annihilation, it describes the adamantine ingot of 1 pound to have a cost of 10 gp?

    • Jerimiah Senger says:

      I see your point. Steel is probably realistically around 3 sp per pound, so I think ToA has it about right. Mithril, in my opinion, should be about 5 gp per pound. Just remember that the forging process for exotic metals is much harder and requires special oils (at least in the case of adamantine) for tempering, so I’d probably add the appropriate amount based on the weight if you’re forging an item from it, then add a modifier based on extra costs like the special oils and the rental of the high quality tools. (Maybe go with 5-10x the cost of the materials)

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