Does feat apply when using quarterstaff one-handed with shield?

6 thoughts on “Does feat apply when using quarterstaff one-handed with shield?

  1. Robert Mongar says:

    The problem is that if you allow the quarterstaff wielder to make 2 attacks while wielded in one hand and wearing a shield, you have COMPLETED invalidated 2 weapon fighting.
    Consider two different level one fighters. Both wear a Chain mail shirt, have 16 strength, and are human.
    Fighter A takes the Dual wielding feat, and the Two Weapon fighting style. He wields a long sword in one hand (a marital weapon) and a short sword in the other. He has:

    An AC of 17.
    +5 to hit.
    Main attack damage of 1d8+3 (7.5 average damage per hit)
    Bonus action attack of 1d6+3 (6.5 damage)

    Fighter B take Polearm master and the Dueling fighting style. He wears a shield on one hand, and his quarterstaff (a simple weapon) in the other. He has:

    An AC of 18.
    +5 to hit.
    Main attack damage of 1d6+5 (8.5 damage per hit)
    Bonus action attack of 1d4+5 (7.5 damage per hit)

    In addition, fighter B can make an attack when creatures move next to him.

    So, if you are allowed to make the bonus action attack while wielding a quarterstaff in one hand, the dual wielding Fighter with added feat support, is completely redundant. He has lower AC (despite being boosted by a feat) and he deals less damage (despite being boosted by his fighting style, and wielding a martial weapon over a simple weapon).
    This is before considering the implication of the greater chance to make an opportunity attack.
    I propose that the clear intention of Quarterstaffs being included in Polearm mastery, is that they can be used in this manner while being wielded in two hands. I will concede that Jeremy Crawford made it clear that at least part of this feat does work- likely the ability to take an opportunity attack when an enemy approaches.

    Or have I just got something completely wrong?

  2. Steven says:

    Fighter A does not have to wield a short sword in his off-hand, He could very well wield a rapier or even a second longsword, could he not? Then the damage would be more or less the same as Fighter B.

  3. Jerry L. Cutshaw says:

    Furthermore its not all about numbers and min/maxing your character. Sure it looks like Quarterstaff is broken but which is more sexy and thematic? I’d say dual-wield and while inferior would be my first choice if building a character.

  4. Dragrick Ironwolf says:

    Plus..add in Magic Initiate for Druid and Shillelagh becomes your best friend bumping all quarterstaff damage to d8

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