Official D&D products: Bestiary Notebook Set – 8 Mini Notebooks and… The Book of Holding!

This foil stamped, 8-notebook boxed set, perfect for notetaking and world building, is a must-have gift for D&D players as well as sci-fi, fantasy, and horror lovers.

…and this misterious Book of Holding A lavishly designed, multipurpose journal for Dungeons & Dragons lovers to fill with character sketches, campaign ideas, or school notes.
Richly packaged and highly customizable, this officially licensed blank journal is a must-have keepsake for Dungeons & Dragons fans of all levels. Each section of the journal is filled with gridded or lined pages and includes five spreads of interstitial artwork as well as a back pocket for storing character sheets and notes. Whether you’re a die-hard dungeon master looking to plot your next campaign, or a part-time player wanting to represent your favorite game, this one-of-a-kind journal is the ultimate companion to any RPG lover’s quest.

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