Harness the power of dragons in this installment of Unearthed Arcana!
Race, feat, and spell options related to dragons, a trio of draconic race options presented as an alternative to the dragonborn race and a fresh look at the kobold race.


4 thoughts on “New DRACONIC OPTIONS!

  1. Ethrad says:

    The PDF says, “The spell’s spellcasting ability is Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma when you cast it with this feat (choose when you gain the feat).” You select the modifier when you gain the feat as a character option.

  2. Ethrad says:

    I like everything about these additional play options, with the exception for both dragonborn ancestry features denoting that it’s a special magical affinity. This would allow for suppression and detection of the breath weapon and draconic resistance features simply because they are now magical. The Player’s Handbook and the SRD do not mention whether these features are innately magical, and so I see this as a net loss for the dragonborn. Ignoring the “special magical affinity”, the breath weapon now replaces one of their “attacks with an exhalation of magical energy” as opposed to the destructive energy used by the Player’s Handbook and SRD. Again, this would allow for this feature to be suppressed and detected just for being magical features. I’ve played with enough groups to know that this would be an issue at higher levels, so the multiple uses for this feature would be wasted.

  3. Zeke999 says:

    I am confused about the new options for Kobold. For choosing the Kobold would you get to pick one of the 3 feats or are they just 3 extra feats that a Kobold could take?

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