Need short adventure? One Page Dungeon!

Are you looking for inspiration? One-shot adventure? A short map for your treasure? An introductory adventure for newbie players?

DOWNLOAD more than 900 One Page Dungeon adventures for FREE!

One Page Dungeon is one of the most interesting RPG contest that I love without doubt.
Well, If you want to support this smart project, check the One Page Dungeon compendiums

8 thoughts on “Need short adventure? One Page Dungeon!

  1. Jose Diego says:

    I play every weekend with my kids and just do stories out of my head. We cant play a campaign for months. But this really helps set up the adventure and gives us a layout of outcomes. Its perfect

  2. FLSnowbunny says:

    There’s so many! Which is great! But I wish they had tags or categories or something so I’m not trying to guess from 1000s of titles! (Is there? Correct me if I’m wrong)

    • - says:

      If you click the bottom link it will take you to the 2020 contest page, where winners are listed as well as the summaries of all the adventures.

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