My favorite spells are ones that encourage player creativity

One thought on “My favorite spells are ones that encourage player creativity

  1. D. Walker says:

    I wouldn’t really describe Polymorph as a spell that encourages creativity. Its uses are pretty obvious and straightforward, and don’t require much inspiration.

    Polymorphing an enemy? Make them into something harmless (ideally with low mobility) and remove them from the fight. A frog, a chicken, a crab, whatever.

    Polymorphing an ally? Turn them into whatever suits your current need – swim speed, fly speed, blindsight, combat stats, small size to fit in small areas, et cetera.

    It’s not really a creative spell – it’s merely a versatile one. When I think of spells that encourage creativity, I think of ones that don’t have immediately obvious uses for a variety of given situations, and which require you to use them in less-than-obvious ways to truly get full usage out of them.

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