Magic Missile VS Mirror Image

5 thoughts on “Magic Missile VS Mirror Image

  1. Tobius says:

    Not very logical, when making a physical attack the attacker can’t know if he is attacking the person or an illusion. But a sight targeted spell automatically ignores the illusion even though the caster doesnt know which image to target. I could see if the attacker was wearing thermal goggles, or a seeking arrow (no mind to be fooled).

    In a spell combat it would be cool for one mage to cast mirror image, then the second mage strips the images away with a volley of magic missiles.

    • Jon M. says:

      So technology would be ok, but magic isn’t? The spell Magic Missile targets a creature. The illusory duplicates are not creatures, thus the spell cannot target them. The caster may not know which one is real, but the magic does.

      That’s very different than trying to aim a spell at someone and not being sure which one to aim at which is why it only applies to spells that involve an attack roll.

  2. JC says:

    Thsts just plain wrong. I’m not going to run it that way. In the spell description it says a target you can see. A archer has to roll to see which target they choose. So what this is saying is that the wizard will ignore the illusion if they cast magic missile but not if they cast fire bolt. So missiles intelligently home in on the caster of the spell even if the wizard looked at a mirror image! The spell says a target you can see, therefore as it’s an illusion, the probability you are looking at an image stands. If you’re not looking at him then he is not your target

    • Victor Wilburn says:

      It says a target you can see, not a target you are focusing your gaze on. Any target in your field of vision is a legitimate target of magic missile.

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