Kickstarter: BRANCALONIA – THE SPAGHETTI FANTASY RPG! …and an adventure of Zoltar Sage Advice!

I’m veeery proud to announce Brancalonia Kickstarter because one of the stretch goals it’s an adventure I wrote!

“Enter Brancalonia, an anti-heroic land full of pitfalls and profit possibilities, in the most incredible and roguish Italian role-playing game you have ever participated in!

Create your band of Knaves, enlist in a free Company, get assigned some well-paid jobs, whack some chiacchierone and go give a fist and knife buffet to those deserving it.

When you have collected a nice loot and climbed the ranks of your company a bit, you will be ready to try your luck in that final job that could let you go out in blaze of glory…

After all, you are in a fantasy version of Italy: escape from guards, taste La Bella Vita and gain big money with some dirty job. What could possibly go wrong?”

Brancalonia is the all-Italian setting for the 5th Edition of the most famous role-playing game of all time.
This anti-heroic, picaresque and roguish world is a “back-to-front” version of Medieval Italy. It quotes, collects, and mixes together references from contemporary Italian fiction and over a hundred works from the Italian fantasy tradition, pop culture, and collective imagery.

Download now the Quickstart in your language and try it for free!

The Basic Manual of Brancalonia has 192 color pages, richly illustrated with maps, characters, antagonists, monsters and other images evocative of the Kingdom. Inside you will find:

A general description of the Kingdom, its history and its main regions, from the Pale Mountains in the north to the Charybdean Sea in the south, from the barbaric city of Tergesta in the east to the coast of the Zigane Sea in the far west..

Five new playable races, in addition to the Human, taken from Italian tradition and folklore: the Gifted, the Malebranches, the Marionettes, the Morgants and the Sylvans.

Twelve new subclasses, one for each of the basic classes, each adapted to the Kingdom, and strongly characteristic of Italian history, tradition and folklore: hence we have the Benandante and the Superstician; the Sword-player and the Brigand; the Miraculist and the Friar.

New Backgrounds, Character Traits, Ideals, Ties and Defects typical of Brancalonian Knaves.

New Talents, Spells, Treasures, Diseases, and Poisons.

Secrets, threats, curiosities, places of interest, rumors, monsters and game suggestions for the Condottiero, including a generator of Dives, one of Memorabilia and one of Roads that go nowhere!

New Setting Rules: Moves and Whacks (full version); Poor Equipment and Stolen Equipment; Band, Cronies, and Den management; Bounties, Revels, and Prophecies; Long Rest and Gritty Realism; Dive Games.

• The Introductory Solo Adventure The Son of the Eagle.

• The In Search of Fortune campaign, in six Episodes.

Twelve new monsters and twelve antagonists typical of Italian history, tradition, and folklore.

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