2 thoughts on “Joe Manganiello Plays DUNGEONS & DRAGONS with Nerdist and Critical Role!

  1. Grand Magister Magnus says:

    Paladins are Lawful Good. Tiamat shouldn’t have Paladins. If you’re gonna be evil, be a Blackguard. Shouldn’t be using Paladin to refer to evil aligned characters.

    • Trex says:

      Saying all Paladins are Lawful Good is an insult to the class. Blackguard is, as of yet, a homebrew Class in 5th Edition, with no official rules. The Oathbreaker or Fallen Paladin is an available option in the Dungeon Master’s Guide – Fifth Edition’s version of the Blackguard, essentially.

      Saying all Paladins are good is like saying all Templar Knights were good. It’s moronic.

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