Joe Manganiello: ARKHAN THE CRUEL DEFENDING HIS REALM – By: Larry Elmore !!!

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Due to the high traffic on Instagram and pixelated quality of the live video… HERE is the official unveiling of: ARKHAN THE CRUEL DEFENDING HIS REALM by: legendary fantasy painter Larry Elmore!!! Larry was my favorite painter growing up. His red dragon painting was the reason I got the Red Box Basic set as a kid and taught myself how to run Dungeons & Dragons games. His covers were the same reason I started reading the Dragonlance novels without even knowing what was in them. Coincidentally years later it would be Margaret Weis who would introduce me to him and convince him to find time in his busy schedule to take a commission from me to commemorate my character Arkhan the Cruel’s ascension into D&D canon. I asked Larry to paint Arkhan as if he was a Dragon Highlord from the Dragonlance novels and if this was a lost cover of one of the novels. What you see before you is a lifetime in the making and a dream come true. THANK YOU LARRY FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!

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