One thought on “Is Zuggtmoy considered a Demon Prince?

  1. Francisco A McGee says:

    Since fungi are considered “plants” in 5e, would fungal fiends (such as those created by Zuggtmoy or those that serve Zuggtmoy) be vulnerable to the blight spell the same as plants? Imagine some demonic abomination that looks like a mushroom and is covered in mushrooms, and does all sorts of mushroom things with spores and the like. Literally being a mushroom, it just seems bizarre that, despite the creature type being fiend, blight would be not be super effective, and instead the creature has advantage on the Con save because it’s a fiend with magical resistance, especially if the spell is cast from a Spore Druid (full disclosure: currently playing Soore Druid here in a Zuggtmoy campaign).

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