Is there other types of ‘half’ people out there?

One thought on “Is there other types of ‘half’ people out there?

  1. Jackson Doyle says:

    It would more than double all known races by an insane amount. The actual amount would be n×(n+1)/2, where n is the number of interbreeding races. Even just using the races in the 5e PHB would result in 36 races if we use “orc” in place of half-orc. We can reduce that number to 29 – 1+7×(7+1)/2 – if we consider tieflings to be a dominant type (a notion partially dismantled by later supplements like SCAG and MToF). Once we take subspecies traits into account, the number, as GG said, balloons into madness, as we are no longer dealing with just half-orc/half dragonborn but half-drow/half- rock gnomes and lightfoot halfling/wild elf hybrids. Using just the race/subspecies types available in the PHB results in 79 different combinations. Throw in the playable races and subspecies from SCAG, VGtM, MToF, etc., and you’ll have more races than any DM can handle (though I might personally allow things like fire genasi tieflings of Dispater or firbolg/shadar-kai, as my world is a rather terrible place).

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