I’m an aspiring writer and game developer, where do I get started?

Comment from discussion Hey Mike! I’m an aspiring writer and game developer in NYC, aka I make absolutely no money. Jokes aside, I’ve gotten into DnD lately, and 5e was my first tabletop rpg I’ve ever played. After a few sessions I started to think about making something like a DayZ rpg, really focused on the DayZ world and some of the mods too. I know it’s a huge question, but where do I get started? What should I think about going in, what kind of mechanics are absolutely key to pin down early? How do I start this massive journey!
Thanks in advance, really loving 5e!The best way to start is to throw together some basic mechanics and try playing. For something like DayZ, think about the stuff in the game that’s important to you. If you were to tell someone the most exciting story you can imagine about playing DayZ, what are the things you talk about?
That stuff is the key to your game – make sure your mechanics support it, and let everything else fall aside from now.
From there, try running a session or two. As GM, take note of stuff you need and stuff that turns out to be bothersome and revise as needed.
If you get stuck in a rut, try this mental exercise – think about stuff that would be absolutely terrible ideas for your game. Then, think about why they’re bad ideas. That can help shed light on what your game needs or is missing.
Finally, err on the side of simplicity. It’s much easier to start simple and add what you need than wrestle with complex rules.AMA: Mike Mearls, Co-Designer of D&D 5, Head of D&D R&D

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