if I cast a bonus action spell can I then cast Shield as a reaction?

5 thoughts on “if I cast a bonus action spell can I then cast Shield as a reaction?

  1. Geert Spileers says:

    this is harsh… I doubt there will ever be a DM that says “no you can’t cast shield as you already casted this round” .
    It would seriously bring down the effectiveness of spellcasters like this.

    • tideoftime says:

      As noted by Steven (though also with a bit of incorrect added information), it’s about not being able to cast a non-cantrip Reaction during your *turn* when you’ve cast a Bonus Action spell, not about later in the round/after your turn. You can then use your Reaction as normal. It’s the metaphysical limitation of using BA spells than limits what else you can cast during your turn.


    The question he’s answering is “on my turn,” not “round”. You can cast shield later in the round as a reaction, but not cast 2 spells on your turn.

    • tideoftime says:

      Your post is also incorrect, contextually — you *can* cast two spells on your turn. There is literally nothing that prohibits it. The limiting factors involved are: 1) your available Action Economy; and 2) whether or not you have cast a Bonus Action spell on your turn. As exampled by JC in the Q&A, you could (Action) cast Fireball, have an opponent attempt to Counterspell, and you then incorporate your own Counterspell (via your Reaction) in order to prevent *their* CS from negating your Fireball-in-progress — all on your turn, all perfectly allowed by the rules/metaphysics of the game.

      You could also, for example, Action-cast, Reaction-cast (if applicable), Action-Surge-cast (if you are an Eldritch Knight, or multi-classed as a Fighter), on your turn, as well. The limiting/mitigating factor is the “compression-twist” of casting a BA spell during your turn — it prevents you from casting/using any spell during your turn unless it’s a cantrip. (So you could BA-cast as spell, A-cast a cantrip, AS-cast another cantrip, all on your turn.)

      Many players/DMs have a major misunderstanding of the metaphysics/rules of 5E on that particular point.

  3. Zoltar you need to fix this. Your June 4th 2022 top level thing followed by the YES answer from Jaycey is wrong, and it isn’t what Crawford’s Yes was responding to at all.

    Reactions are subject to the bonus action spell rule. He’s said that in other tweets, it’s implied by the rule itself, and it’s implied by the Sage Advice Compendium answer.

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