I was wondering if there was ever any plans on doing something similar Tales from the Yawning Portal… and Spelljammer?

Comment Hello, Mike!

I played one of your games at gamehole con, and it was an honor to meet you, and a blast to play some d&d with you!

I have some questions regarding upcoming adventures. I know you likely can’t give specifics, but my questions should probably not really need them.

So firts of all, I really enjoyed tales from the yawning portal, and I was wondering if there was ever any talk or plans on doing something similar in the Future with new dungeons. That is, creating an anthology of “drop in” dungeons for DMS to use, rather than full adventure paths.

My second question: I know you’ve coyly mentioned it a few times, but is there any reasonable chance we’ll ever see 5e spelljammer?

Thank you for your time!

mikemearls19 points20 days ago
Tales did very well, and we still see people asking for adventures. I would not be surprised if we did something similar.

Can’t say anything, but (with some modifications) we see Spelljammer as a part of the D&D cosmology. from discussion AMA: Mike Mearls, D&D Creative Director.

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