I want to make a Drow Bladesinger, Is this possible by PHB + 1 rules?

2 thoughts on “I want to make a Drow Bladesinger, Is this possible by PHB + 1 rules?

  1. D. Walker says:

    This is a perfect example of why PHB + 1 is slowly smothering player choice to death.

    It doesn’t make sense to deny an -actual- player the freedom to make a Drow Bladesinger, just to -supposedly- protect a bunch of -hypothetical- new players from -potentially- feeling overwhelmed by a need to buy more books.

    But more than that, even if you want to insist upon PHB + 1, this ruling itself is flatly wrong.

    Drow are present in the PHB. They are fully statted out and legally playable – you just are told to check with the DM, for the explicitly stated reason that Drow don’t exist in all campaign settings.

    They are also NOT present in XGtE, which does not contain ANY options for races. There should be no part of a Drow Bladesinger that requires XGtE.

    The only books you require are PHB and SCAG, and that quite clearly qualifies as PHB + 1.

    • D. Walker says:

      Clicking through to the original question, it appears I’ve been mislead.

      The original question was not just about a Drow Bladesinger, but specifically about a Drow Bladesinger able to use the Shadow Blade spell, which is new in XGtE.

      Personally, I don’t like the idea of including spells in the PHB + 1 rule, for the reason that spells in all editions of D&D get frequently additions and revisions.

      That said, I do like the ingenious workaround someone in the original linked discussion suggested. Bladesingers are still Wizards, and Wizards can copy spells into their spellbook, so all you need is one of the other players at your table to have XGtE as their +1 book, and then you can copy it from their character (after they obtain a copy of it in any number of different ways).

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