How would you develop the story if Strahd gets Ireena?

2 thoughts on “How would you develop the story if Strahd gets Ireena?

  1. Gooogiii says:

    Strahd would have a wedding (in a few days to give the party a chance to stop him)with the charmed Ireena. However if the wedding is not thwarted ireena becomes a vampire spawn but strahd can never truly have what he wants and with either force or trickery vamp ireena will get strahd’s blood to become a full vampire queen and betray him. Leaving strahd to blame the party for her turning against him. And with ireena in the wind to be a powerful foe for the party to run into later, resentful that they let her become the monster she is now.

  2. Strahd can’t ever truly turn Ireena, the Dark Powers would never allow it. That’s “The Curse of Strahd.” If he bit her the 3rd time, she would just kill herself somehow or plunge a wooden stake into her own heart. Barring that, the Dark Powers would step in and take her away somehow. Strahd’s Curse is that he now has all the power he needs to achieve his ends, but he cannot ever be with Tatyana.

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