How much cover has character number 2 from One’s ranged attacks? Can character 2 use Stealth ?

6 thoughts on “How much cover has character number 2 from One’s ranged attacks? Can character 2 use Stealth ?

  1. Raveynfyre says:

    It depends on how we draw corners to corners in my group (and I think this is the official stance of 4th edition at least). Look at each corner to the corners if each opposing mob to see if you have at least two lines if sight from two different corners for partial cover. But if you have only one corner capable of multiple connections to the same mob, that is considered concealed.

    • Shadowspawn says:

      That wouldn’t even fly here…even the best case runs into the wall.

      From what I can see, it appears that there’s full cover (as long as it’s a solid wall, that is), so any benefits and drawbacks would be as such.

  2. implord66 says:

    It really depends on how high said cover is. Drawing a line from one corner of Character 1, thereis no line of sight, technically. If each square of cover is a crate, table, or partial wall, then partial cover. If it’s a marble wall (like the tile suggests) that goes floor to ceiling, it would be full cover.

    • Ken Sprouse says:

      I agree. I would’ve ruled based on the type of cover in this situation. If it’s a wall. Full, no line of sight.
      Stealth is a valid option as line of sight is broken.
      If they are columns partial, at least 50% most likely 75% and stealth is not possible.
      Barrels, crates or other half height objects. Depending on the position of the target (2) and or his height / race.
      Halfling full, stealth yes.
      Dwarf, gnome. 75% / no
      Pretty much any other half at most, called shots to waist / legs unsuccessful.
      UNLESS they are kneeling, prone, or activity taking cover.
      Kneeling stealth yes, prone maybe( assuming you went prone for the purpose of hiding then yes.)
      Taking cover. No your action is spent( on the turn you took the cover, can hide the following turn on your initiative.)
      That’s how I’d rule on it anyways.

  3. Saith Whitefire says:


    I’m sure everyone appreciates your answer, but it’s not really an answer, at all. It’s the equivalent of “just go Google it.” It’s not really any help at all since you require the player to just look it up themselves, when what they’re doing is asking for guidance and clarification of a specific rule.

    Can you justify your answer, or should I just look that up, too?

  4. Tarras Que says:

    If the player’s corner and the opponent’s corner are considered “in” then so should the cover’s corner, to be consistent.

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