How many personas can a changeling have?

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One thought on “How many personas can a changeling have?

  1. Peter Zimmerman says:

    Those personas should take about as much time to develop as it takes for you to actually learn to use such a tool with proficiency.. Or at least a good fraction of that time. Gaining proficiency with a tool usually takes time money and possibly training. Just changing shape and persona over and over and gaining every tool proficiency out there seems way overpowered and kind of makes it pointless for others to choose background and classes with craftign in mind when a changeling can become any crafter type it wants and will fill every need without the need for training or actual backgrounds.
    Either limit the amount of personas to one which would be similar to someone havign a background, and then requier new personas to actually take time and training to perfect.
    Developing a persona and picking it up fully with a toolskill should be more involved than just another shapechange.

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