How do you deal with a rules lawyer that disrupts the game?

2 thoughts on “How do you deal with a rules lawyer that disrupts the game?

  1. Sanguaine says:

    Hello tim tuttle. What i would do is tell him or her that that can be talked about after the game is over. If he cant do that and him or her are detrimental to the game i suggest dropping the person all togther and that he or she should find a game more suited to their person.

  2. Alex says:

    two sides to this question, one you should look for ways to say yes to a reasonable player. However, there are players who are greedy and want implausible things that would make the game pointless or steal agency from others. Take them aside and point out the problem or confront them directly and ask if they think its reasonable to ask for x to happen. make them defend their point. and whether that’s consistent with the story, the level, and the tenuous grasp on reality the game is already mired in.

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