Gaming with Giants! Joe Manganiello, Tom Morello, DeathSaves crew and… GoT creators David Benioff and DB Weiss!

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The WAR rages on… UNDERWATER!!! DEATH SAVES – WAR OF DRAGONS (aka: my homebrew/Tyranny of Dragons game) The gang successfully fought their way off of the island temple of Orcus and rendezvoused with the other half of the group on shore where they found a mysterious black haired stranger who had nearly drowned. He claimed that he hailed from a far off land “down below.” But proved his mettle by joining the companions in their quest to close a demon portal to the 333rd level of the Abyss located 300’ below the ocean’s surface… Zombie sharks and the undead pirate captain and crew of a long sunken ship proved no match for the gang as they closed the portal with a baby dragon skull and a tube of sovereign glue. High fives were given and I now have more aquarium supplies than I know what do with… #deathsaves #dungeonsanddragons #dnd

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Some nights it’s epic, and some nights it’s crazy fucking epic. Last night in the Death Saves home game, we welcomed a shipwrecked Tiefling Paladin (Dave Benioff) into the party and ventured “Unda da Sea” (guided there by a seagull we dubbed Christopher Squawkin’). We battled undead shark creatures and explored a shipwreck and ultimately sealed off a portal with an embryonic dragon’s head and some Sovereign Glue. And we walked back to land on water in true badass fashion. . #dnd #dnd5e #wotc #wizardsofthecoast #tyrannyofdragons #deathsaves #joemanganiello #bigshow #davidbenioff #dbweiss #vincevaughn #tommorello #kylenewman #rpg #ttrpg #dungeonsanddragons #wyrmwoodgaming #liquiddeath #dwarvenforge

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