From the lead designer of Baldur’s Gate I & II: Heroes of Baldur’s Gate 5e adventure !

Sinister forces are moving against the city of Baldur’s Gate in this adventure book for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition!

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    • Full-color, 160-page adventure book
  • Legendary Companions. Join together with the legends of the Sword Coast to thwart the forces of evil. Features statistics and illustrations for 14 familiar heroes and villains—Minsc, Jaheira, Imoen, Edwin, Viconia, and more!
  • Epic Backgrounds. Choose from one of four epic backgrounds to equip your character with strong motivations in the story. Meet your unique goals to unlock new powers!
  • Sword Coast Campaign Guide. Features 8 unique monsters and magic items. Includes extensive maps for Baldur’s Gate and the surrounding regions of the Sword Coast. Explore the city to discover new adventure hooks, and continue the story with your own epic campaign!

Download now!

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