Fiendish Options: Tiefling subraces and Diabolical Cults 🔥😈 Unearthed Arcana 2017

2 thoughts on “Fiendish Options: Tiefling subraces and Diabolical Cults 🔥😈 Unearthed Arcana 2017

  1. D. Walker says:

    — Some Time Ago —

    WOTC: So you know how Tieflings used to come in a variety of types? Yeah, we decided we don’t like that idea anymore.

    Players: Huh? But why?

    WOTC: Because, now every Tiefling is descended from Asmodeus!

    Players: Wait, what? How does that make any sense? There are tons of different devils that have established fiendish bloodlines! That’s why a Tiefling of a given type looks the way they do! They inherited their looks from whatever devil spawned their bloodline!

    WOTC: Well… uh… you see, Asmodeus decided to used some plot-magic and cast a big ol’ spell which turned every non-Asmodeus descended Tiefling into a member of his bloodline instead! Now they all look the same, even if they originated from entirely different devils!

    Players: …

    WOTC: Eh? Ehhh? We knew you’d love it! Players hate options and custimization in their character races. That’s why we went to all this hard work to give you what you really want – bland uniformity and zero choice!

    — Present Day —

    WOTC: So, hey! We just had this great idea! What if Tieflings… came in different varieties? Like… instead of all of them just being descended from Asmodeus, what if some of them were descended from other devils instead?

    Players: …

    WOTC: Speechless, huh? Yeah, it’s a pretty brilliant idea. I dunno why we didn’t ever think of before!

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