Eldritch Knight/Arcane Trickster seems shouldn’t be terrible…

One thought on “Eldritch Knight/Arcane Trickster seems shouldn’t be terrible…

  1. tideoftime says:

    Just as a comment on Timothy’s post: the context I believe he’s missing is that he’s only looking at the dynamics involved from along one single measurement — the spell levels available and the spell slots. This perception overlooks how the character *wouldn’t* have magic as an emphasis in their class the way a full caster or even a half-caster class/multi-class would. While the 5th EK/5th AT *would* only have the few spell slots, he’d have a wider access to available spells (the Abj/Evo of EK and the Illusion/Ench. of AK, along with more cantrips than he’d otherwise have as a 10th EK or 10th AT). The rounding-down effect for available spell levels/slots is doing its job as-intended given that those classes, multi-classed together, has some perks measured along a different axis than with slots/available level spells.

    It really does actually make sense.

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