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  1. I’m entirely aware of where to find the sage advice column, Crawford’s tweets, Mearls’ tweets, Perkins’ tweets. I subscribe here to receive a conglomiration without having to seek those things out. But please, do continue to condescendingly tell a subscriber how sending them unrelated tweets makes your site like Dragon magazine.

    I’ve read Ed’s books in the past – he’s a decent author. But I don’t expect to see him, Elaine Cunningham, Keith Baker, Richard Lee Byers, Troy Denning, Dave Gross, Tracy Hickman, R.A. Salvatore, or any of the other authors who have written D&D books on a column dedicated to D&D 5e rules.
    Most of those authors have their own twitter accounts (some with writers musings, some with politics, some with actual D&D news like Salvatore tweeting about Rage Against Demons) and I’m sure some people would enjoy a subscription to see all of those.

    Unrelated tweets from Ed that you have decided are relevant to your audience who is seeking information on D&D 5e:
    “Dancing with a daemon in a cemetery in the moonlight. Wanted to write that for a long time. Arousing, despite the bouncing severed head.”

    “My writing thus far today has taken me from the mead-hall of the gods to the depths of an archaeological dig. So many air miles saved!”
    “And now my writing journey has taken me on from a never-used lower level of a subway station to an exploding elevator in an office building.”

    “Summer in Canada: sometimes you eat mosquitoes, and sometimes the mosquitoes eat you…sigh…donating blood like fury out here. :}”
    “@KatoKatonian Every time I open my mouth to sip tea, some of them fly in. Or they kamikaze down my nose and end up at the back of my throat.”

    “A saga is done when readers stop asking for more. A story’s done when deadline looms and the narrative is clear. A life is done too soon.”

    “If I read one more shy princess turns plucky and saves the day, I’ll scream! That is NOT female empowerment! It is male wish-fantasy!”

    “A good story isn’t just leaving the boring bits out of life. It’s making character lives make sense. More sense than the writer’s real life”

    “How is a writer different from a crazy person mumbling a story to the passing breezes on a sidewalk? Wish I knew.”

    “Writing? Capture a character with a tagline. Example: Menacing fantasy guardsman saith: “‘Nice doggie’? There ARE no nice doggies.””

    “I’ve been asked if my latest novels are suitable for children. Of course! Children don’t need to be protected from life; their parents do.”

    “In real life, bad guys usually win. When writing fantasy stories, it’s fun to even the score and give evil its comeuppance. It IS “fantasy.””

    “Writers make up stuff and spin yarns for a living. So being a writer is like being a politician, only without a dress code.”

    Finally one even related to tabletop fantasy and D&D rules:
    “.@EranthiusWhat are your home brew rules for potion brewing in 5E? I don’t have rules, I roleplay it! PC describes what they try and I describe what happens. (No DM trust issues in my games.)”

    • Zoltar says:

      Ed’s last novel (published in June) is based on 5th edition FR http://dnd.wizards.com/products/fiction/novels-ebooks/spellstorm
      Ed’s created the most important Fantasy world for D&D, all 5th ed adventures are based on FR.
      Ed greenwood (and other writers) helps 5th edition world to born again after 4th ed history disaster, have you ever read Sundering books?
      Have you ever played Sundering adventure for 5th edition?
      Ed is a huge source of ispiration for many D&D players and DMs, every single word from him about stories are gold.

      Sorry but none wrote me that Ed’s tweets are irrelevant except you, I watch stats from FB and SA and if are not relevant I probably will not include them, why waste my time to publish them?

      Have fun.

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