Does Paladins aura of protection stack?

Before you read this answer my advice is to read Dungeon Master’s Guide errata here Chapter 8

9 thoughts on “Does Paladins aura of protection stack?

    • Zoltar says:

      Check Sage advice Compendium:

      Official rulings on how to interpret rules are made here
      in the Sage Advice Compendium. The public statements
      of the D&D team, or anyone else at Wizards of the Coast,
      are not official rulings; they are advice. One exception:
      the game’s lead rules developer, Jeremy Crawford
      (@JeremyECrawford on Twitter), can make official rulings
      and does so in this document and on Twitter.
      A Dungeon Master adjudicates the game and determines
      whether to use an official ruling in play.

      • Reaperzeus says:

        Zoltar, would you be able to add to the top of this page the DMG errata about Combining Game Effects? This ruling is no longer accurate, but some people might find this page before the one about the aura’s no longer stacking.

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