Does Defense fighting style stack with Mage Armor?

3 thoughts on “Does Defense fighting style stack with Mage Armor?

  1. Abraham Hammons says:

    If one is wearing light armor and they have the defensive fighting style do still gain +1 to their AC if they then cast mage armor. Having mage armor over or under their armor the same way it mage armor is over or under one’s clothing.

    • tideoftime says:

      “Mage Armor” isn’t an “armor”, Abraham — it can’t be optionally “over” or “under” what he caster is wearing; rather, it’s a mild protective field that provides modest protection for the caster. It literally says in the spell that it’s a magical field and that you can’t be wearing any armor at all to have it cast on you and it ends if you put armor on.

  2. Geert Spileers says:

    Mage Armor states that the target has to be unarmored. You can’t be wearing light armor and then cast Mage armor on yourself.

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