Does a paladin’s mount count as intelligent creature for mounted combat?

2 thoughts on “Does a paladin’s mount count as intelligent creature for mounted combat?

  1. Find Steed spell Facts;

    You summon a spirit that assumes the form of an
    unusually intelligent, strong, and loyal steed, creating a
    long-lasting bond with it

    ((( the steed is loyal to you and you have a long lasting bond)))

    Additionally, if your
    steed has an Intelligence of 5 or less, its Intelligence
    becomes 6. and it gains the ability to understand one
    language of your choice that you speak.

    ((( the steed is intelligent and can understand your language))))

    you have an instinctive bond with it that allows
    you to fight as a seamless unit.

    ((( while fighting your bond allows you to act as a seamless unit)))

    While your steed is within 1 mile of you, you can
    communicate with it telepathically.

    ((( the steed can understand your language and you can commincate with

    out verbal commands )))

    Mounted combat
    phb 198
    ” while you are mounted, you have two options “option A” You can

    conhtrol the mount” “option B” you can allow it to act independantly”
    … DRAGONS ACT INDEPENDANTLY ((( this seams to say that with dragons

    you have no choice)))

    Paladin chooses to mount the house and invoke option B ” allowing the

    mount to act indepenatnly”

    Phb 118 mounted hourse actcing independantly : an independant mount

    retains its place in the initiative order. Bearing a rider PUTS NO



    so my question is under the rules of the find steed spell and phb 198

    rulling on mounted but inendepantant mount …

    could a paladin mount a war horse ” but choose option b to not take control” and then telaphaticaly speak to the mount ” go attack the goblin

    lets get him ” … and the mount although acting on its own ” but

    because the paladin and mount act as a well bonded seamless unit” the

    horse follow the command ” or sugestion” and ride take an acction to

    attack the goblin then .. on the paladins turn in combat he could also

    attack the goblin.

    (( I also understand as stated in phb198 the house could just run away .. but this would seam out of character for a “war horse” and also acting as a loyal bonded seamless unit” )))

  2. Mark Sullman says:

    I personally think that “Find Steed” mounts are allies rather than servants and fight WITH the paladin, so yes they’d be an NPC that fights “with the Paladin as one seemless unit” so yes. This is what makes the Find Steed mount different, in my opinion.

    If you read historically about Warhorses they fight too, whilst mounted. That’s the point. They don’t panic and kick out & bite, when mounted.

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