Do you have to hold an arcane focus in your hand to use it?

5 thoughts on “Do you have to hold an arcane focus in your hand to use it?

  1. PyroArrow says:

    For my game they have to use normal spell components to cast spells from levels 1-10.

    Only until they reach Level 11 will they be learned, and have enough magical power to create an arcane focus.

    Also, I will use 1st edition’s Item saving throws since 5e’s take is a joke. So, the arcane focus has a chance to break just like anything else.

  2. TheGr8Wizzard says:

    I’ve played a character whose arcane focus were gloves as runes. He also had an arcane focus tattoo on one hand. I’ve also played a wizard , whose hat was his arcane focus.

  3. Ag silver Radio says:

    What about divine foci?
    I could see a cleric or paladin having a their holy-symbol as a peice of julery, or as a graphic design on a sheild or vestiments.
    Could any of those work?

  4. RNGsus says:

    How does this apply to an artificer who uses their tools as their focus, but also the armor of tools infusion?

  5. Daniel Stoneman says:

    Just discovered the Ruby of the War Mage, XGtE pg138. It’s a common magic item that binds to a melee weapon and makes it an arcane focus. Awesome.

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