Do vampire bites work on Warforged?

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3 thoughts on “Do vampire bites work on Warforged?

  1. Vince says:

    It seems to me that it would be like a vampire trying to a tin can or a brick (based on my brief research that war forged were made from metal or stone). BTW, is there a term to describe the process of turning a victim into a vampire (like World of Darkness’ “Embrace”?) for D&D?

    • Vince says:

      Somehow a chunk of text was left out. Between “trying to” and “a tin can”, insert “ embrace/enslave/cause to crossover“.

  2. D. Walker says:

    In 5E, the only limitation being that a target is a humanoid, ends up making for some WEIRD possibilities.

    For example, all lycanthropes are humanoids, but I think most (but not all) people will shy away from the idea of a werewolf being able to somehow also be a vampire. Also, it seems weird that animal based humanoids like Kenku, Bullywugs, Gnolls, et cetera, can all technically become vampires even though Giants (who are basically just large humans with some elemental influences) can’t.

    Honestly, Warforged were specifically immune in the past, the fact that they aren’t now seems overwhelmingly to be a rules oversight, not remotely intended.

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