DM says I can’t be a bard

5 thoughts on “DM says I can’t be a bard

  1. Reverie Nicole says:

    I agree with you 100% I had DM’s refuse to let me play as a blood Hunter because they said it I play a blood Hunter 2 tactical.but yet when I play my cleric, which now the dungeon Master’s refuse to let me play as a cleric because in curse Strahd they put me up against a bunch of werewolves i outsmarted the dungeon master by using remove curse so well they forbid me to use any type of magic class because I like out strategize dungeon Masters I cannot help I have a lot of strategy in my play style and out strategize dungeon Masters I can not help they have no game and they cannot out tactic me so they restrict my playing classes in adventure leagues which is bull , dungeon Master’s should not be able to control what class you have that is a crock of crap as long as it is not a Homebrew they should be allowed . People think they know how to dungeon master , when they do not even understand the concept of dungeon mastering . It is not players versus dungeon master, it is dungeon Master’s challenging the limits of their players , and not about turning everything into dragons or constantly throwing CR rating 21, and the world populated with nothing but liches, this is why I miss 3.5 edition because it was challenging the players and dungeon Master’s alike the new writers of dungeons and dragons do not even understand the concept of dungeons and dragons they are even trying to remove the entire multiclassing system and doing a serious nerve on magic to where it is not even worth playing

  2. Andrew B says:

    I’m with Mercer. DMs usually have a clear vision of each campaign they run. Some classes, races, just don’t fit that vision. I provide a handout before character creation outlining those options along with a brief note on the tone of the campaign and anything else I think is necessary for an understanding of the world I will be presenting. You wouldn’t find a professional theater critic in a primitive, barbaric setting and, as the DM, I wouldn’t make room for one.

  3. David Webb says:

    Well as Christian and a DM my rules are these but let me state i sill play advanced D&D with a lot of easter eggs, i believe in team work and allowing to play what they want. My only rule is you cant play evil characters in the game. But you can have a good time. Inviting those things in to yourself is a bad idea.

  4. Kurtis says:

    As a DM I believe it is my job to create an adventure that can be inclusive to most players. However it is also my job to review the players character concepts to ensure a good balanced party and still allow the players to create their own vision of the characters. Before I begin a new campaign I will give the players an outline of the campaign and a quick paragraph of my vision of the type of party (mystery, action or drama etc) that would be needed. If I decide that a character does not fit it needs to be on a party need basis, not on a like or dislike basis (though I have occasionally slipped on this point myself). This is after all their adventure, I’m just there to guide them through.

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