Difference between hover and flying

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  1. Dichotomy says:

    The Difference between Fly and Hover.
    As I understand it, fly requires momentum. Your movement cannot drop to zero.
    In real world mechanics a creature with the fly status would need to fly in circles or forward momentum to keep the aerodynamics of flight; While a hover creature like an Osprey or a levitation spell could climb or descend without moving forward for momentum.
    In game rules does this mean that a creature with fly speed must move at least one square in its turn to maintain flight. And does that creature need to move at least one square horizontally in order to climb one vertical square: where a creature with hove can climb horizontally without moving horizontally.

    I.E. A creature with 60 fly speed can move 30 feet up, if it moves 30 feet forward.
    or 20 feet up, and 40 feet forward: Where a creature with 60 hover can move 60 feet up without moving horizontally at all.
    Is this accurate?

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