D&D Treasure Cards by Paul Weber!

Paul Weber designed this free great set for Dungeons&Dragons: Treasure Cards!

From gems, to coins, to the Kings crown there are over 160 new Treasure Cards along with some homebrew treasure items. The zip file contains a glossary and organized folders to help separate gems, art objects, and coins. The cards come in sheets and as single PNG files so you can continue to use them as you wish.

Download Treasure Cards: http://bit.ly/TreasureCardsDnD

Download Equipment Cards : http://bit.ly/DnDEquipCards

Download Condition Cards: https://www.sageadvice.eu/2016/08/23/22-new-dd-cards-conditions/

ERRATA: If you are looking for daily Revised Cards updates check Paul Weber FB Page or Download Here


3 thoughts on “D&D Treasure Cards by Paul Weber!

  1. He has also released an update for the previous cards, correcting some mistakes


    Blowgun needles – fixed missing word
    Arrows – Removed unnecessary comma
    Silvered Weapon – fixed spelling mistake from cost to costs
    Pole – fixed spelling mistake in description from poll to pole
    Exhaustion Level 3 – Fixed typo from feel to feels
    Carpenter’s Tools – Fixed italic font style to standard font style
    Glassblower’s Tools – Fixed italic font style to standard font style
    Dart (weapon) – Corrected the color of the value font.
    Potion of Supreme Healing – Added missing card from equipment cards
    Chain Mail Armor – Corrected misspelled word “strength” & “gauntlets”
    Half Plate – Corrected misspelled word “Greaves” & armor class changed to 15 instead of 14.
    Plate Armor – Corrected misspelled words “Gauntlets” “thick” & “Strength”
    Scale Mail – Corrected misspelled word “Gauntlets”
    Splint – Corrected misspelled words “Gauntlets” & “Strength”
    Cartographer’s Tools – Corrected storing to storage
    Cobbler’s Tools – Grammatical correction, added comma
    Weaver’s Tools – Corrected misspelled word “pins”
    Book – Corrected misspelled word “represented”
    Dice Set – Corrected typo from you to your
    Dragonchess Set – Corrected typo from you to your
    Three Dragon Ante – Corrected typo from you to your
    Mess Kit – removed unnecessary comma
    Bullseye Lantern – Added missing word “a”
    Lamp – Added missing word “a”
    Torch – Corrected misspelled word “Providing”
    Abacus – Corrected misspelled word “by”
    Bedroll – Corrected misspelled words “strapped” “convenient” “traveling”
    Block & Tackle – Corrected grammatical punctuation.
    Hunting Trap – Corrected grammatical Capitalization
    Manacles – Corrected grammatical Capitalization
    Merchants Scale – Corrected unnecessary comma
    ADDED missing card – Jeweler’s Tools
    ADDED missing card – Tinker’s Tools
    ADDED requested card – Single Arrow
    ADDED requested card – Single Crossbow Bolt

  2. Christopher Sharp says:

    Did you save all the card assets?
    I would love to make a card template for people to be able to make their own.

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