D&D Equipment, Treasure and Condition Cards!

This is an amazing job made by Paul Weber: over 450 printable cards in free PDF. Equipment, Treasure and Condition: with gear, items, vehicles, food, mounted equipment, weapons, armor, gems, art objects, coins and conditions.

Download Equipment Cards : http://bit.ly/DnDEquipCards

Download Treasure Cards: http://bit.ly/TreasureCardsDnD

Download Condition Cards: http://bit.ly/ConditionCards

ERRATA: If you are looking for daily Revised Cards updates check Paul Weber FB Page or Download Here

The PDF also contains instructions on how to print and build the cards and suggestions on how to use them.

26 thoughts on “D&D Equipment, Treasure and Condition Cards!

  1. Rafael says:

    If anyone wondering what Font were used in the cards for homebrewing their own, it’s Longdon Decorative.

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