Could Goliaths grapple Huge creatures if they count as one size larger?

Comment I very recently got into D&D mainly because of Critical Role and Acquisitions Inc. and roped all my friends into playing it and I just have to say it is an amazing game. I am the DM and I am very interested in learning more. I’ve run a few custom games and it’s worked out pretty well so far. 5e is awesome guys just keep doing what you’re because its epic. DMs Guild is a really cool way to include he community as a whole so well played on that.
I just have a side question for a personal character I’m making and I’d like to check in with you guys. I have this idea for a Goliath Grappler Monk and I have the idea pretty refined this is more for fun fights and RP as well but since the Goliaths gain the Powerful Build with the whole “You count as one size larger when determining your carrying capacity and the weight you can push, drag, or lift.” If they gain the grappler feat could they grapple Huge creatures if they count as one size larger? Or is powerful build more for out of combat situations?I’d allow grappling Huge creatures. It’s really more an issue of making the feat seem believable, but it if fits your campaign go for it. It’s power neutral, so it won’t break anything.from discussion D&D AMA with Mike Mearls and Chris Lindsay 1/15.

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