Clerics DO NOT need to worship a god

3 thoughts on “Clerics DO NOT need to worship a god

  1. Ken says:

    If that’s the rules by which your group is operating with I’m all for it. I won’t have issue with a GM that uses God’s or not as influence and/or direct empowerment for their followers. To me it’s a flavor thing that offers context that I enjoy. I use Forgotten Realms settings almost exclusively as a GM/DM and enjoy the rich history and detail that the God’s of the realms offer (or higher powers). So long as the PC has a distinct persona/philosophy that is easily understood then I’m good with it. If the Cleric/Paladin or religious zealot PC has a distinct philosophy I like putting “encounters” that challenge those tenants within their PC’s belief system. If a player can roleplay and present “their character’s system of beliefs” well enough in the game then it’s all good. I’ve run a game during the “Time of Troubles” and the “self-powered” cleric wouldn’t be an easy fit for that “specific narrative setting”. Still, I could see making it work if that’s the concept a player might insist upon.

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