Clarify Blade Pact: can’t make sentient weapon a pact weapon?

Clarify Blade Pact: can’t make sentient weap pact weapon, or just can’t dismiss it into extradimensional space?

3 thoughts on “Clarify Blade Pact: can’t make sentient weapon a pact weapon?

  1. G says:

    Seems very strange when your flavour text for Hexblade is all about the shadow plane creator of sentient weapons such as black razor.

  2. G says:

    Also if it’s up to the GM to consider their game balance when introducing artifacts, relics and sentient weapons and they choose to give one to a Hexblade the ruling might as well be left to them.

    Items such as Blackrazor are game warping in any hands – I would suggest Blackrazor in the hands of a straight fighter or barbarian would be more OP. Balance? Worry about Beast master needing fixing- a mages familiar or paladins mount is far more powerful. That’s something a GM finds much harder to rule on and most players wouldn’t even bother to ask. The

    Contextually and raw the wording would look to apply to the ability to stow such items interdimensionally.

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