Can you ready a bonus action?

5 thoughts on “Can you ready a bonus action?

  1. Nathanial poulopoulos says:

    As a mastermind am I able to bonus action help, then hold action help for a second attack.

  2. Matti Gilmore says:

    I honestly think it should be allowed be if your readying your bonus action you would be using on something that may or may no happen. And if it does happen your also using your reaction to do one thing. If want to use all their actions to do one thing, that they normal can do Ill allow it but spell slot would still be used if. The trigger did not happen.

  3. John Corbett Sharpe says:

    PH 193. Ready. “To do so, you can take the Ready action on your turn so that you can act later in the round using your reaction.”

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