Can multiclass druid/rogues sneak attack in wildshape?

4 thoughts on “Can multiclass druid/rogues sneak attack in wildshape?

  1. D. Walker says:

    Except some beasts have melee attacks in their statblocks which clearly operate off of Dexterity rather than Strength.

    Wolves, for example, have a Bite that has +4 to hit, and deals 2d4 +2 piercing.

    A creature’s bonus to hit is derived from their Proficiency Bonus plus the appropriate attribute modifier. Wolves have two d8 hit dice, which gives them a proficiency bonus of +2.

    If a wolf’s Bite used their Strength of 12, you would add a +1 bonus to the +2 proficiency and get a grand total of +3 to hit. But instead, we can tell that the wolf’s Dexterity of 15 is used in place of Strength, adding a +2 bonus to the +2 proficiency, for a grand total of +4 to hit.

    The damage of the Bite also follows this pattern. The dice are a fixed value based on the weapon used, but you then modify that damage with the appropriate attribute modifier. If it was Strength, we’d have 2d4 +1 piercing. But it is clearly Dexterity, hence the result of 2d4 +2 piercing.

    So although the Wolf’s natural weapon is not specifically spelled out to be a Finesse weapon, it quite obviously is one due to how it operates. Only a Finesse weapon can use Dexterity to determine your bonus to hit and damage.

  2. Bom_BARD says:

    Neither light weapons nor dexterity based natural weapons are specifically finesse or ranged weapons. Your dm can always make exceptions.

  3. Doyle Hughes says:

    Apes, for example, have a ranged weapon attack in their stat block that would meet the sneak attack requirements

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