Can I cast a Ritual spell that’s in my spell book, but not prepared?

3 thoughts on “Can I cast a Ritual spell that’s in my spell book, but not prepared?

  1. David Slok says:

    Can a level 1 wizard level 10 cleric cast Drawmij’s Instant Summons from the wizard spellbook as a ritual? The way i read it in the player’s handbook it seems like it, but it seems strange to me.

    • tideoftime says:

      Relative to how spell access is used in multi-classing, the answer would be no — you have 5th level spell slots due to being an (effective) 11th level caster, but you track what you can “x” separately for your respective casting classes. (So the character you example could cast a 5th level cleric ritual, but not a 5th level wizard one because he doesn’t have a casting level that high for that class, just like with any other multi-class example.)

  2. Steve says:

    What about in the scenario/example:

    Non-combat, casting a unprepped non-ritual spell from the spellbook. My thought is that in an out of combat situation, providing that spell components are present and treated as a 10min casting time regardless that; yes this would be feasible and reasonable. I can’t justify in my head how it would able to be done in a combat situation but say for argument it was in preparation for an encounter.

    It would def dip into the realm of a table rule, but at the same time I could also justify that there would be a consequence to casting in this manner as well. Whether that be rebound damage/saving throw or even points of exhaustion based on the spell level. Additionally with limitations on how spells can be cast in this manner.


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